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We are currently looking for one new member to join Manchester Vocal Ensemble:


This page contains all the information you need to apply for the group.


We'd love to hear from you if you have; experience in ensemble singing and performance, strong aural musicianship skills, the ability to learn music from memory quickly and accurately using rehearsal tracks and sheet music, be able to take on solos within the ensemble in contemporary styles and great interpersonal skills.

Music sight reading skills are a bonus but not essential. 

Our group rehearses two Thursday evenings and one Saturday afternoon

per month in Sale, Greater Manchester.

(accessible via Tram links)

We strongly welcome applicants from a broad range of

backgrounds, cultures and musical traditions.


If you would like to audition please send an email to us outlining your musical and singing experience, we will then ask auditionees to prepare the following:

1. Two short video clips:

1) A song of your choosing that best showcases the type of singer you are. (Pop, soul, gospel, folk etc)

(Performed unaccompanied and no longer than 1 minute, a verse & a chorus is a good length.)


2) A pop or folk song of your choosing that showcases a contrast in your voice to your 'own choice' piece.

(Performed unaccompanied and no longer than 1 minute, a verse & a chorus is a good length.)

These videos do not need to be professionally recorded, pick songs that showcase the unique qualities of your voice and record on your phone, we want to see the real you.

( You can then send the videos directly to us or upload them as unlisted videos on any video sharing site)

2. Invitation to ensemble rehearsal:

We will then invite selected candidates to one of our rehearsal dates where you will need to:

1) Prepare a short excerpt of the vocal line you are auditioning for, using the rehearsal resources for one of Manchester Vocal Ensemble's original arrangements. 

(These resources will be emailed to you upon invitation.)

2) We may ask you to take part in a short aural/ear test exercise.

*applicants must be over 18

We look forward to hearing from you!

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